Tips for Perfect Portrait Photography

You may have mastered the art of capturing cool shots at home or even knowing which is the best face to make for a stunning photo. But, do you know how to shoot the best portraits? Portrait photographing is a bit different and unique as compared to general full-body photography. The main intent of portrait photography is capturing and displaying something ‘essence’ of the subject; to say something about their personality, character, or life. Here are tips for shooting the perfect portrait photos.

Ask For Feedback From Your Subject

Sometimes the best way to find out whether you are taking great shots is to ask your subject about it. After a couple of shots, you can show the subject the shots and let him/her tell you how they think of the pictures. That way, they will tell you the photos they like, don’t like and why. This way you will know where to adjust and improve the quality of shots. Also, it will ensure that both of you walk out of the photo session happy.

Use Props

Tips for Perfect Portrait Photography
This may be a contentious issue since some photographers do not like using props.However, whatever works, use it. The bottom line here is capturing great images and however you do it is okay. You can even ask the subject to bring their favorite things. Before you jump to conclusions, props are not to be included in the photos. They are just meant to relax your subject and give them something to focus on.

Get Closer

Tips for Perfect Portrait Photography
We all tend to rely on zooms and shoot from far away. Shooting just part of a subject’s face immediately changes the whole character of the image. Eyes, of course, are the most powerful as they’re the window to the soul. Keep in mind that portraits are shot to create memories and a closer image will allow you to see more of the subject which is crucial years in future.

Comfort and Confidence Plays a Vital Role

Tips for Perfect Portrait Photography
The difference between a professional and an amateur portrait photographer can be seen by how relaxed the subject is. An experienced photographer knows how to put a subject comfortable, confident and at ease. Without doing this you may not be able to progress further in your portrait photos. Thus, take the time to master this concept before attempting to capture images of your subject. This may be done by an informal chat before the shoot and discussing how the whole process will take place. Develop your own techniques for relaxing both yourself and your subject. Also, make sure they feel confident in their clothes and be on the lookout for any issues such as overturned collars, misplaced bra straps, hairs and other things. Ensure they look at their best, turn up some good music and have fun shooting beautiful photos.

These are just a few tips that if put into proper and regular practice, will help you attain a level of excellence in portrait photography. Enjoy a happy shooting!