Essential Tips on How To Shoot in Black and White

If you are a person who is inspired by taking photographs, then most likely you’re obsessed with black and white photography. In a world full of color, sometimes you cannot beat a black and white photo. This type of photography can be a fascinating tool to convey a statement or mood story to your viewers. Even though you are taking color out of the photo, you’re left with so many amazing feelings about it. The photos look simple yet complex at the same time. Here are brilliant tips for taking black and white photographs.

Shoot Raw

Not every photographer has a camera having the RAW function available on them. Also, there are people who don’t know how to shoot raw. However, if your camera allows it and you know how to do it, shoot your images in raw because this will give you total control when you are editing later. You can still take great photographs in JPEG, but if you have the capability, you should definitely go with RAW.

Shoot In Color

If you don’t want to shoot RAW or your camera doesn’t allow it, then shoot in color. Even though it may sound counterproductive to shoot in color when you need black and white images, this is not the case. You will take the photos in color and then convert them to black and white later. Also, having color in your photos will give your photo editing software more information when you are editing. Most cameras have the black and white mode, but it doesn’t produce the best results as compared to first shooting in color then editing later.

Lowest ISO as Possible

The ISO plays a key role in the images you take. You probably already do this in colored photography but shooting in a low ISO is a very vital element when it comes to black and white photos. Photograph with as lowest ISO as you can since the noise may be even more noticeable in black and white. Even if you are after that “grainy look”, you can add that when editing later.

Timing is Very Important

Choosing when to shoot your images is very crucial when shooting black and white photography. Most people complain cloudy and dark days due to poor lighting, but what they don’t know is that this is the perfect time to capture photos in black and white. The low contrast will make your photos more dramatic and interesting. The next time the weather looks dark and cloudy, remember that it is the best time to shoot your black and white photos.

Think About Composition

Even though the rules of composition may be the same for all types of photography, there is one obvious factor that you need to keep in mind while shooting in black and white; you are not using color to impress the viewer’s eye! Thus, use shapes, textures, and tones to do this for you. It may take practice but its worth it if you really want to capture great photos. Also, pay special attention to highlights and shadows that will become features in your captured image.

These are some of the best tips for capturing the best black and white photos. However, remember that practice makes perfect. Experiment with different subjects, composition, textures, tones and lighting conditions.